Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You say "snowflake", I say "rhinovirus" OR Living la vie da Charlie Sheen

I think winter has officially begun somewhere north of where I currently am. All the local ski resorts have pushed back their opening dates, hoping for colder weather to insure their snowmaking efforts are not in vain. Meanwhile a foot or more has fallen on the Daks and the resorts in the Green Mountains. So while most folks are planning to spend the Thanskgiving holiday with their loved ones, I'm hoping to hit the slopes.

One problem with this plan.

My body has betrayed me, given up the good fight and given in to the dreaded rhinovirus, aka the common cold. At least I hope that's all it was. Ironically it was my obsession with skiing that got me sick in the first place.

How, pray-tell, was that you say?

Ski porn, my friends.

Yes, the last two weeks while the hubby was away in Vegas, I kept some fast & loose company of my own, namely Warren Miller flicks with some very fast skiers on some very loose pow-pow. (And here you were thinking of something much dirtier, weren't you?) Yes, instead of going to bed at a timely hour, I would instead stay up much later into the night, awash in cold sweat watching ski porn. Sometimes, just watching wasn't enough, so I sought to engage even more of myself by visiting forums of the equally obsessed and scouring the internet for deals on toys, or um, gear. The problem was made even worse when I would forgo eating nutritonally balanced meals for quick take out so I could spend even more time indulging my powder fantancies.

In short, I had it bad.

And it caught up with me. Too much stress, too many late nights and too few vitamins coalesced into a whopping cold two days ago. Finally it would seem, I looked as strung out as I felt. The white powder finally got the best of me.

Somewhere up north a bunch of that beautiful white powder is falling. Will I get a hit of it this weekend or will I have to sit it out this weekend, instead learning a hard lesson about delayed gratification???

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