Friday, April 12, 2013

BIG News!!!

I got some big news today. HUGE! I am floating on the proverbial cloud 9 and still a bit incredulous that it is really happening to me. I want to tell the whole world, which is why I am blabbing it here.

But not yet.

Because I'm evil like that. OK, not really. I'm not posting yet because well, you probably have a life and are out doing something awesome on a Friday evening (you are doing something awesome, aren't you???). Hopefully you are doing something way cooler then, I don't know, ironing socks. Since I am way excited and I want to share my news with everyone, I figure I'll wait until Monday morning, when you are more likely to be held hostage at work in front of your computer anyway.

Until then, here's a clue, courtesy of Ryan Stefiuk at Bigfoot Mountain Guides.

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