Monday, December 9, 2013

Summit shots

I worked for a woman once who had a wall in her office covered in photos. She was a big skier and most of the shots were of various mountains with various friends.

Even though I really disliked the woman and thought she was a hack, I had to admire her wall of photos. If I had to be like her in one way, that would be it. I wanted to have a wall in my office full of summit shots.

To me, that's the way to capture the moments that count. Things come and go, but the experience in beautiful and wild places with good friends- no one can ever take that away from you.

To me, that's the way to capture a life well lived. No one is going to talk fondly of the years of their life chained to a computer screen at crappy desk job or wants to hear someone brag about how much house cleaning they got done last Saturday. My friends know my motto is "a clean house is the sign up a wasted life," so if you can't handle dog hair everywhere, don't come over to my house.

To me, that's the way to show people another side of me. Yeah, I'm more then just your doctor, I have life beyond these walls a heart that seeks to be free as well.

To me, that's the way to start a conversation with someone about what ignites their passion. When you can help someone tap into the inspiration that comes with being aligned with your passion and purpose, that's where magic truly happens.

To me, that's the way to remember part of what I work for. Being an entrepreneur is hard; I routinely have to do the jobs of several different people, but with a much narrower skill set. Some days it seems like it would be easier to just give up and get a 'regular' job. But then I think of the freedom I'd have as a successful entrepreneur and the places I could travel because of that… and suddenly a few extra hours behind the computer screen ain't so bad.

Slowly I'm building my wall of photos. They are mostly in digital format for now as I still need a place to put them! How about you? What do summit shots mean to you?

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